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Acura Battery Checks & Replacements in Jacksonville, FL, Near Daytona & St. Augustine

Looking for a place to get your Acura battery checked or replaced in Jacksonville, FL, near Daytona and St. Augustine? Bring your vehicle to the Acura of Orange Park Service Center! Nothing ruins your day faster than getting stranded with a dead battery. However, there are low battery signs you can look for.

An engine that is slow to crank ‐ particularly when experiencing dim headlights or low-performing interior electronics ‐ could mean that your battery is running low. If you notice these signs or if you're simply wanting a battery test, visit the Acura of Orange Park Service Center. Our certified technicians will check it out and make sure it's in proper working order. If your battery needs replacing, we'll install an Acura Genuine Replacement Battery, which has patented, round negative plate corners to help avoid internal short circuits and computer-designed Advanced Matrix Radial Grids that provide power for a reliable crank every time. Acura stands behind its Genuine Replacement Battery with a 100-month limited warranty, 3 years free replacement, and a prorated warranty for the balance of 100 months.

While we include a complimentary battery check with any service as part of our Hanania Service Rewards program, you can also schedule your battery check using our online form, or call us to book your vehicle battery check or replacement appointment today.

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