The Acura Precision Concept at Acura of Orange Park in Jacksonville, FL, represents the future of Acura and their commitment to driver satisfaction. A low stance keeps you perfectly balanced as you drive while an elongated profile offers an alluring presence on the road. Its eye-catching appearance is complete with a flowing symphony of lines that create chiseled edges and sculpted curves.

Stitched leather adorns every interior surface and the authentic wood trim adds a sense of sophistication to the design. Each material provides a perfect balance between strength and elegance, so you can enjoy every drive in a prestigious cabin.

With the remarkable Precision Cockpit, interior functionality is redefined with an ergonomic flow of media and entertainment technology. Intuitive touchpad-based systems provide incredible autonomy and connectivity through a futuristic experience that's designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Each detail creates a new way to interact with your Acura for greater satisfaction on the go.

Acura of Orange Park is always available to assist you with your automotive needs. We're proud to present the future of Acura with the new Acura Precision Concept design. Visit our dealership located at 7200 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, to discuss your future with Acura. We can't wait for you to experience the future of Acura precision!


Precision Cockpit:The Future of Interface

With its fusion of ergonomic design and a touchpad-based interface, the Acura Precision Cockpit is at the forefront of mobility innovation. As the perfect complement to the Acura Precision Concept, the cockpit focuses on electrification, autonomy and connectivity to shape the future of our vehicle design.

Prestigious Styling

Crafted surfaces outside are matched by cantilevered surfaces inside. Real material touches emphasize prestige, like stitched leather and hidden speaker grilles made of exotic wood.


Alluring Modern Edge

The proportion is alluring - low and wide. Almost supercar low. With a longer dash-to-axle ratio, Acura Precision Concept communicates performance through design.

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