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Lease End Guide

Let us be your Jacksonville area lease turn in center. If your current Acura or Honda lease is coming to an end, you don’t have to return to the dealership you’re leasing it from to turn it in. Jack Hanania’s Acura of Orange Park is more than happy to take your Acura or Honda lease! That’s right, if you're ready to turn in your Honda lease, you can do so at Acura of Orange Park.

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90 Days before

Decide if you will buy your leased vehicle, or research your options for your next lease.

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60 Days before

Turning in your lease requires an inspection prior to you bringing it to Jack Hanania's Acura of Orange Park. At around 60 days, schedule an appointment to bring in your Acura for inspection.

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30 days before

Your lease turn-in fee is waived when you re-lease or purchase a new Acura vehicle. You can return your lease to Jack Hanania's Acura of Orange Park even if you didn't originally lease it from us!

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Option 1: Return your Acura or Honda & Lease or Buy a new one

Shop our inventory of new Acura models and look over the most current lease specials. Then, schedule a test drive and/or visit the dealership. Two months before the end of your lease, schedule an appraisal. Once you’ve decided on a new Acura, we will complete the deal.

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Option 2: Buy out your lease

No need to worry about a vehicle inspection or excessive wear or mileage chargers. Our finance team will walk you through the correct steps to purchase your vehicle.

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Option 3: Return your vehicle to Acura of Orange Park

Two months before your lease ends, notify Acura of Orange Park to schedule a complimentary inspection. If you need assistance with this process, our sales team is ready and willing to help.

Seller's Checklist

When you sell or trade in your car you will need:

  • Title or Payoff information
  • Valid and current registration paperwork
  • Valid state issued ID with a photo
  • All keys to your vehicle

When you return your lease you will need:

  • All the keys to your vehicle
  • Owner's Manual
  • Maintenance records
  • Vehicle return receipt
  • Vehicle Inspection Report

For more information or to start your lease return process, fill out the form below.

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